About Ray

Ray is a Networking company focussed on solving connectivity, security and compliance using big data and AI.

Powering Ray is Ray OS, which is open, secure, cloud native and extensible with an ecosystem of applications that leverage the underlying hardware to create unlimited use cases along with seamless connectivity.

Ray offers its products as an Appliance as well as Platform and PaaS.


About Naivasha Safari Centre

Africa as a continent is known for its safaris due to its rich wildlife & forest heritage. The Naivasha Safari Centre is 24 hours a day service centre for travellers’ fun & recreation. It is a club with majorly sports activities offered by the club. Although, it does consist of (1) Shop Safari Centre, (2) Play Family Area and (3) Rest Area, offering more facilities.


Naivasha Safari Centre with Ray

The Naivasha Safari Centre is a retreat along the way from Nairobi to Uganda. There are almost 100, 000 vehicles, every week passing this way and spending some fun & leisure time here with their family & friends. It is widely spread in approximately 3000 m2 in different retail and gastronomic units.

They are using R6A-C and R6A-O for their indoor & outdoor areas for constant and speedy internet connection for the numerous facilities that they are offering.

Requirements & Challenges

  • Naivasha Safari needed internet coverage in both indoor & outdoor places for indoor games & outdoor sports’ areas, where people are on their toes, in there always.
  • Their main aim is to offer comfort along with convenience to their visitors, in which a good internet connection plus device security plays a major role.
  • Ray’s Captive Portal was used for all visitors as the club has frequent and regular visitors for the sports activities that they offer.
  • The Enterprise Policy providing different speed, internet usage, time and more based on the usage of different people – employees, club members, employers, etc.
  • Privacy kept intact to keep the database secure for everyone who works or visits the Naivasha Safari Centre.
  • Ray provides embedded security and keeps all devices at bay from cyber threats, Malware, Ransomware, etc.


  • Ray provided cloud-managed Indoor Wireless Access Point, R6A – C and the Outdoor Wireless Access Point, R6A – O.
  • The Enterprise Policy keeps the content in check that users use via Ray’s Wi-Fi.
  • Customized internet experience for visitors, club members and in-house employees via Ray’s Captive Portal.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) enabled for everyone to be connected to Ray access points.
  • The internet coverage reaches all places in the centre – conference rooms, luxury cottages, swimming areas, fitness zones, spa rooms and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Ray’s R6A – C and R6A – O, secures and connects all devices everywhere – indoor games areas as well as outdoor sports playing fields.
  • The expanse for the Naivasha Safari Centre is big and its building & activity centres are spread out in far-off places and Ray access points are placed at all ends for good connectivity.
  • Security is at the centre of all devices as this club has visitors on an everyday basis and they connect to the Wi-Fi with the promise of security.
  • Ray’s Content Policy filter all the unwanted content beforehand only, so that it doesn’t reach the user’s device.
  • Privacy for everyone is maintained as this sports club has a string database of its members and visitors, which is safely stored.