About Nairobi Plastics Ltd

Nairobi Plastics Ltd. was established in 1987 and has been building everlasting relationships with its consumers ever since. They are a manufacturing unit, providing plastic solutions to many industries, NGOs, commercial enterprises, schools and hospitals, as well as domestic markets.


About Jab Jab Ltd.

The Jab Jab Group is a technology company that serves modern technology, ready on a plate in the form of modern infrastructure. It is well-known for its security services. The Jab Jab Group is experienced about the upcoming technological trends with its spread within Kenya and, also in running its businesses in Singapore and Asia. The Jab Jab group is the MSP (Manage Service Provider) for Nairobi Plastics Ltd.


Nairobi Plastics Ltd. with Ray

Nairobi Plastics Ltd. manufactures plastic items and has big machines that are used to produce the same. With the increasing number of their customers & projects, the Nairobi Plastics Ltd. is working on enhancing their technologies, bringing in efficient equipment, focusing on potential emerging technologies for a value-driven product for their customers. They are using R6A-C for the manufacturing facilities and administrative offices.

Requirements & Challenges

  • Nairobi Plastics Ltd. needed internet coverage in their warehouses and production areas where all the big machines are placed for plastic production.
  • They need the internet to reach farther off places as they use IoT (Internet of Things’) devices to track and aid in the production.
  • A different kind of internet usage for guests and visitors, and employees at various strata.
  • With the growing technology and their requirement to experiment with newer technologies, internet connectivity has been one of the major concerns for their work.
  • Privacy has always been a prime motto of enterprises to keep their corporate details confidential.
  • Security is the key to ensure protection against cyber threats, Malware, Ransomware, etc.
  • Managed Services requirement by the MSP Jab Jab Group to ensure monitoring and on-time assistance to Nairobi Plastics Ltd. as and when required.


    • Ray provided cloud-managed Indoor Wireless Access Point, R6A – C and the Outdoor Wireless Access Point, R6A – O.
    • The Enterprise Bundle was provided to benefit from all the Enterprise Policies.
    • The Captive Portal for the internet experience for guests and visitors was offered.
    • Ray’s access points result in great connectivity for Nairobi Plastics Ltd.’s Wi-Fi enabled IoT devices.
    • Proactive Monitoring of Ray along with notifications to ensure the MSP is on top of any issues related to the network or the health of the devices.


Key Takeaways

  • Ray’s R6A – C and R6A – O, secures and connects all devices across the manufacturing unit (indoors plus outdoors).
  • Many sensors are used to monitor the productivity & health of each machine, where most of them are IoT devices
  • Ray’s Content Policy filter objectionable (inappropriate) content. E.g.: P2P, Porn, criminal sites, etc.
  • The Speed and Quota policies are assigned to each one, based on the role that they are playing at the manufacturing unit.
  • The BYOD is approved by IT admins for all visitors, guests, delivery people, etc.
  • The embedded security in Ray access points protects the network and filter the Malware, Ransomware and Spam.