About The Nairobi Hospital

The Nairobi Hospital first opened in 1954. It is known throughout East Africa for its medical expertise and services. With its 60+ years of quality care, this private hospital is its nation’s top hospital with talented & trained faculty & staff working with them. It dreams to enhance its medical services to continue to provide the best healthcare services with growing departments and training schools.


Requirements & Challenges

  • The Nairobi Hospital wanted internet coverage across the hospital – all floors, all departments, all clinics, all rooms & offices, etc.
  • Differentiated Internet for the Hospital staff comprising of doctors and nurses and their handheld devices vs. Internet provided to all embedded and IoT medical devices.
  • Secure and easy internet onboarding for the guests visiting the hospital facility.
  • Provide Internet & Intranet access only to Windows devices given to doctors in the Critical Care Ward – Covid Ward.
  • Provide complete visibility of the full network along with deep insights to the IT Admins.
  • Hospitals need to be active 24×7. In case of issues, provide immediate root cause analysis and issue solution.
  • Ensure security and privacy of the patient data.


  • Ray provided cloud-managed Indoor Wireless Access Point – Vega. With no need of a controller install, the cloud managed Access Point was installed and made operational in a matter of minutes in the Covid ward.
  • The isolation feature was enabled to ensure the differentiation between the Guest and the Hospital networks.
  • A separate IOT network was created to provide internet to all the connected embedded devices on the hospital network.
  • The Device Policies were enabled to ensure only whitelisted and pre-approved Windows devices are able to connect to the hospital staff network.
  • A customized Voucher-based captive portal was created which provided both branding to the hospital and a smooth onboarding experience to the hospital guests.
  • A Terms & Conditions tab provided compliance to all Privacy Laws along with 12 hours Internet with concurrency of 2 devices per voucher.

Key Takeaways

  • Ray Vega Indoor Wi-Fi access point provides coverage in all indoor places like the specialised department clinics, patients’ rooms, waiting areas, etc.
  • The critical care department’s doctors received different wireless connection with the SSID access only on Windows devices.
  • Ray’s Content Policy filters inappropriate sites, ensuring legit data get better throughput.
  • Ray’s embedded security within its Access Points protects the network and filters data by filtering Malware, Ransomware and Spam.