Ray works with organizations across the globe and drives productivity with unique user experiences, opening a wide horizon of opportunities for a notable growth. Read about our customers’ success as enterprises from various industries that have been using Ray for its Wi-Fi security and connectivity.

  • Education

    Take a look at how schools, universities, boarding hostels, etc. use Ray Access Points and how its Wi-Fi coverage reaches everywhere in their wide expanses of huge campuses.

  • Enterprise

    Are you a start-up or a business for decades? A small initiative or a big business widespread across the globe? Ray helps you connect with rural plus international markets for your enterprise growth.

  • G20 Summit

    Ray Solutions is proud to have been the networking solutions provider for the prestigious 18th G20 Summit at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, on 9-10 September 2023, showcasing their expertise in overcoming significant challenges.

  • Healthcare

    See how hospitals, clinics and medical places work with Ray Access Points and see a notable difference in their day-to-day tasks and the overall process.

  • Hospitality

    Whether it be chains of hotels or restaurants or a resort, see how Ray access points keep guests & visitors’ devices safe & secure in the Hospitality industry.

  • Manufacturing

    Read how Ray stays in sync with the latest production technology & mechanisms, where its access points offer the best Wi-Fi connectivity, security, and coverage.