Stay or Sale – Hotels or Retail, Wi-Fi 6 is your solution

by Nisrin Saqib

Wi-Fi is a need and an essential one in the world of today. Technology has taken over all of us and most of the industries too. One can’t imagine life to function without any aid from technology. The Wi-Fi first approach is becoming a norm in various industries like banking, finance, hospitality, retail. With everything getting online, it is difficult for the audience to work with an industry which is unable to offer a service or product in one or the other online way.

The Hospitality and the Retail industry have growing users and thereby growing numbers of Wi-Fi Access Points. Wi-Fi 6 is here at the right time. All branches of all industries will use Wi-Fi 6, once they’d know all that this latest wireless technology has to offer – mainly being industry specific. Let’s see how Wi-Fi 6 caters to these exponentially growing industries.

  1. Hospitality

    The Hospitality industry has had a really hard time the past year due to the pandemic that hit the world. It is having a harder time right now in trying to find its place. The Tourism industry has faced most of the brunt with no travel & stay, taking place for an entire year. With this there are other things also that the Hospitality industry has to take care of – to not lose out on customers and keep up their good name.

    The latest Wi-Fi 6 with its OFDMA and high density can enable guests to continue working during their travel by taking that Zoom meeting from their iPad or connect to their family over Skype or Facetime.

    Frequent travellers are business officials and Sales professionals who need to connect their laptops, tablets, phones and many such devices at their place of stay.

    (a) Connectivity issues & complaints : The Wi-Fi network connectivity always drops down with more devices getting connected to the network. Surveys report that 90% of the guest expect a stellar Wi-Fi in their hotel rooms. Wi-Fi holds a prime importance in losing out on customers and, also not being able to convert them to their regular customers. A bad and in this case a slow Wi-Fi experience also results in the customer to go somewhere else for his/her stay the next time or on the spot too. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is known for its seamless connectivity in densely populated areas and so the hotels can be as populated as the place permits, but no one will have any Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

    (b) Make your Hotel SMART: Hotels are becoming more connected than ever with smart door locks, thermostats, curtains and even smart speakers connected to the room service. With Wi-Fi 6, numerous devices can be connected to just one Wi-Fi 6 access point and yet function at its utmost best. The hotel staff has to be on their toes to make sure that they get the best stay plus Wi-Fi facility.

    The smallest of inconveniences can ruin the customer’s experience. That is why we say that the Access Point that you use can make or break your Sales and image. The latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, Wi-Fi 6 with OFDMA, TWT and BSS colouring provides the guest the experience they seek and deserve.

  2. Retail

    The Retail industry is flourishing with the growth of various other industries like fashion, books, technology, etc. A Retail industry usually has many branches selling the same thing and offering various Brands of different products. The way technology is evolving, so are the industries with the growing needs of humankind. Retailers have started organizing their network infrastructure alongside organizing their Retail business’ set-up. Retailers have started asking the question, “What is Wi-Fi 6?” with the latest technology update – the Wi-Fi6 standard in the Wi-Fi industry.

    (a) Wi-Fi 6 is your umbrella on a rainy day:

    Shopping is not the most taken up activity currently, but it is slowly picking up. Retail shops are at times flooded with people and at times have no one in their shops. Most retailers agree that people check things out online when they step into their shop or decide upon buying something. This requires them to have a good Wi-Fi network to cater to the shoppers and help them in their decision-making.

    The Wi-Fi 6 wireless access point provides great connectivity that doesn’t decrease with the increase of the number of people in a particular shop or stall. With the effects of the pandemic still lurking over, the number of shoppers has decreased drastically. But that number can shoot up anytime and with everything else, retailers have to be ready with, like the latest Wi-Fi technology – Wi-Fi 6 and/or Wi-Fi 6 E. The Wi-Fi 6 standard is in their favour as retail shops in malls or just on busy streets get crowded in a jiffy and instantly doing something about the Wi-Fi at that particular time isn’t possible.

    Most retail places have the captive portal feature in their Wi-Fi to authenticate users with loyalty cards or vouchers, but the crowd makes it impossible to access the Wi-Fi. That’s where Wi-Fi 6 shines. With OFDMA, its purpose built for high density and that is when you get to see all that Wi-Fi 6 can do to save your customers and help, in more than doubling your Sales.

    (b)Company network connected to IoT-specific networks:

    The world is engulfed in digital transformation and it is a must for all industries to digitize their tasks. Many specific business functions are within closed networks. Shelf-labelling is one such example from the Retail-specific industry. Eventually such actions will have to merge with networks and that is when the business network will be able to merge with the IoT (Internet of Things)-specific networks.

    Wi-Fi 6’s OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) is apt in the IOT scenario because it allows multiple access as it is a multi-variant, serving multiple clients/devices all at the same time.
  3. Let AI manage your operations:

    A common network consists of every activity that takes place in your business. It is also saved on the cloud, so no fear of losing it in any way. Productivity increases with innovative ideas of streamlining everything as the Wi-Fi 6 access point allows you to back everything with its AI. The management or admin will always be aware about all their connected devices to their Wi-Fi network. The AI helps in keeping track for the same with the ever-increasing number of devices connected along with the cloud networking feature.

Wi-Fi 6 has a lot of benefits and most industries have started accepting and using it. Although a lot of industries and people are still unaware about its presence, its offerings and capabilities are spreading like wildfire. Due to this, Wi-Fi 6 has started creating its own place in almost all industries and its growth is unimaginable. So, what are you waiting for?

Does your hotel or retail business have its Wi-Fi 6 yet? Get your mesh Wi-Fi 6 today!

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