Embellish your home with Wi-Fi 6!

by Nisrin Saqib

The past year was a disaster. The 2020 debacle was a big setback in everyone’s lives. But believe it or not, a lot of learning took place in that year and it brought major changes in all industries. The graph was a clear low with no business taking place. People lost jobs, businesses faced huge losses, all industries were at an all-time low and only now have things started to pick up. With this the only thing increased was the use of internet and Wi-Fi.

Countries were in a lockdown and nations did everything from their safe places – homes, like never before. Everyone’s dependency was on the wireless network, which has only increased with things getting back to normal. Life without physically meeting and communicating functioned and, functioned well. A lot of activities found their solutions online and everyone is managing working from home till date. With this the technology industry is growing in leaps & bounds and the Wi-Fi industry has now come up with the latest Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6. It is the best Wi-Fi standard catering in congested areas & densely populated places with its amazingly featured mesh. Take a look at how Wi-Fi 6 benefits as a home Wi-Fi network.

  1. Work from Home – Working from home is the new trend. Not because it is a fad, but because it is the need of the hour. This need has worked out in favour of a lot many employers and employees. This is the new way to work, and this way is going to remain in most industries. Employers have offered the ‘Work from Home’ option to their employees and most of them have signed up for it too.

    With advanced features like ‘Device Prioritization’, ‘Application Prioritization’, ‘Time Policies’ and ‘SD-WAN’, the modern wireless access points are a one-to-one match for an enterprise environment facilitating the same speeds whilst ensuring compliance with corporate policies. All the devices at home are usually connected to the Wi-Fi – tablets, TVs, phones, etc. Along with this, work devices have also made a presence and laptops, voice assistants, sound-bars, etc. stay connected to the Wi-Fi. Even with so many devices and, increasing with the number of people in a family, there won’t be any congestion with Wi-Fi 6.

    And that is why Wi-Fi 6 is an ideal Wi-Fi standard for Wi-Fi for homes plus offices.
  2. Gaming – Along with many other things, gaming also became one of the best means of entertainment. People of all ages explored this way of entertainment and took over gaming during the pandemic. Games eat up a lot of internet and as everything has started being online, most houses have got Wi-Fi connections. In 2020, we have seen everyone hooked to games – be it kids, adults, teenagers, even old people connected to the Internet from all the possible devices playing solo or multi player games. With gaming, timing is everything. It requires ultra-low latency. With Wi-Fi 6, the latency reduces to a whopping 75% from Wi-Fi 5, ensuring that perfect kill or a win in a race.

    ‘75% Latency Reduction’ is based on Intel Simulation Data (79%) of 802.11ax with and without OFDMA using 9 clients. Average Latency without OFDM is 36ms, with OFDMA average latency is reduced to 7.6ms. Latency improvement requires that the 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) router and all clients support OFDMA.

    Source :,MHz%20(1201%20Mbps)%20vs.
  3. Online Study – Schools and colleges have been closed for over a year now. Education of everyone has been affected and the educational industry has faced some major losses. To turn things around and find a remedy for the time-period, classes are conducted online. Studies can’t be hampered and so the teacher-student relationship is virtual. Audiobooks, recorded videos, live video sessions, etc. are some ways in which teaching is taking place these days. The Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points have proven to be extremely beneficial for students & teachers equally.

    Downloading audio-video sessions, books and/or being present for online classes consumes a lot of internet. If, a household has more than one kid in the house, then it takes a toll on the Wi-Fi access point. But not this anymore with Wi-Fi 6. Numerous devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi network for live streaming, studying/teaching online, finishing workbooks and homework, etc. without any disruption at all. That is Wi-Fi 6’s best feature – catering to not only one device, but more than one and that too at the same time.
  4. Smart Homes – With smart phones, smart cities, there are also smart homes. With the regular technical devices like laptops, TVs and phones; there are a few more devices like thermostats, smart locks, smart security cameras, etc. that stay connected with the Wi-Fi and make a home, a smart home. These homes are termed as “device dense environments”. Smart homes are homes that have more & more devices added and connected to the Wi-Fi network to keep the home smart and make it smarter too. It’s time to start upping your home to a smart home and begin with, by bringing Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax).

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi standard of today. Have you considered simplifying and making your life glitch-free, with your switch to 6? Contact us and know more about Ray Wi-Fi 6 products, today!

  • 2.4 GHz
  • 802.1 x
  • 802.1 x authentication
  • Captive Portal
  • Cloud Networking
  • Mesh Wi-Fi 6
  • Wi-Fi 6 mesh

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