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    What is MU – MIMO?

    Wi-Fi connection tends to get slower with more & more devices connecting to the access point. Lately, with the ‘Work from Home’ scenes and everyone using the Wi-Fi AP at the same time, the connection dwindles too. The issue is because most routers communicate with just one device at one time. The SU-MIMO (single-user MIMO) …

  • Wi-Fi6 is everywhere
    Business Wifi Network

    Have you secured your places of work & houses with Wi-Fi 6 yet?

    The one thing that all of us are dependent on, in this 21st century is ‘Technology’. With 2020 passing by and life still continuing to be at home in 2021, the dependency on technology is increasing day by day. Apparently, that is the only thing that is keeping us connected and managing work too. With …

  • Indoor-outdoor--wifi

    What’s Your Business Need? Indoor or Outdoor Wi-Fi?

    What business is winning over other businesses in these current times? There is no right answer to this but that any business that is taking up all the help from technology and making their business digital. It is easy for some businesses to get digital, while it is difficult for some. The only businesses doing …

  • Technology

    Wi-Fi 6 is the newest Wi-Fi standard of this 21st century

    Devices are upgrading with Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi has gotten a lot better with Wi-Fi 6. All the recent devices support Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E. The latest phones, TVs, laptops, tabs, etc. can use the latest Wi-Fi standard – Wi-Fi 6. The horizons for all the Wi-Fi usage have widened with this standard as that …

  • Technology

    Embellish your home with Wi-Fi 6!

    The past year was a disaster. The 2020 debacle was a big setback in everyone’s lives. But believe it or not, a lot of learning took place in that year and it brought major changes in all industries..

  • Technology

    Stay or Sale – Hotels or Retail, Wi-Fi 6 is your solution

    Wi-Fi is a need and an essential one in the world of today. Technology has taken over all of us and most of the industries too. One can’t imagine life to function without any aid from technology.

  • Technology

    Wi-Fi 6 in all industry verticals

    Wi-Fi 6 is trending right now! It is the latest standard in Wi-Fi that caters to high density areas and is a future-proof investment reaping results sooner than you know

  • Technology

    What is Wi-Fi 6?

    The internet has become a necessity and the way everyone is taking the leap from 4G to 5G and from Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6 is indescribable. It just tells us how important staying in sync…

  • Prioritising-wifi-blog
    Product Updates

    Prioritising Your Work While Working From Home?

    Let work hold a priority over other fun, while working from home. With Ray’s Traffic Prioritisation, assign speed limits or priority per application for better internet connectivity experience at home.

  • wifi inception

    Still Think Wi-Fi Stands for Wireless Fidelity?

    The importance of Wi-Fi has increased tenfold currently. You and I did depend on Wi-Fi since a long time, but not as much as to convert this want into a need. This want has been converted into a need presently due to work from home in these times.