Securely Connecting since its Inception

How we started connecting people & devices in simplified ways and how we continue to do so…

Truecom gave birth to Ray. Truecom was the first step in 2016 that led towards the ideation of Ray in 2018. The need for innovation in the Wi-Fi world after catering to big names like Airtel, BSNL and the likes resulted in the formation of Ray.

Our belief and desire always surfaced back to our core – simplifying people’s lives dealing with machines through the wireless internet.

We made it true with our first product – Wi-Fi Access Points that provide unmatchable connectivity with embedded security. We hope & wish to constantly develop more & more, newer things for our tech-savvy and not-so-tech-savvy audience learning and unlearning things as growth takes over.

The marvel is always as to why the choice of name Ray. Well, what better to signify connectivity than Ray? The connection of humans with machines and vice-versa in today’s age & time.


Shape the future of the world with simplest Networking solutions securely connecting humans & machines.

Our Leadership

With their fine experience, Ray’s CEO & CTO are binding Ray’s Team, guiding them with their ‘tech’ plus ‘management’ experiences.

Timeline - From then to Now

Ray’s Growth in the months gone by!

Ray’s Presence Globally

We are present in different places of the world for your ease to connect with us via Ray’s partners, distributors & resellers across the globe.

Grow with Us!

We work with young minds & innovative ideas. Anyone who is always & persistently curious – This is the place for you! Let’s explore the growth in the tech world together.

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