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6 Essential Strategies for Enhanced Performance

Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network: 6 Essential Strategies for Enhanced Performance

In today’s volatile economic environment, IT leaders face the challenge of balancing budgets and prioritizing spending, all while ensuring operational efficiencies. To help you navigate this uncertain landscape, we’ve outlined six essential strategies for optimizing and modernizing your Wi-Fi network.

Transition to Cloud-Based Network Management

Moving your network management to the cloud increases agility and allows IT teams to concentrate on optimizing network performance, rather than spending valuable resources on deploying, managing, or upgrading network infrastructure. Moreover, cloud-based network management offers a more flexible, subscription-based, OpEx-driven spending model.

Leverage AI-Driven Network Analytics

With 54% of organizations reporting increased complexity in their IT environment, AI-driven analytics can help streamline operations by quickly analyzing vast amounts of data to identify areas for improvement. AI-powered solutions complement your network operators by pinpointing problems and offering data-driven recommendations based on best practices across various industries and regions.

Embrace the Wi-Fi 6E Revolution

Wi-Fi 6E, the latest generation of Wi-Fi standards, offers increased capacity and bandwidth to support more devices and emerging use cases like augmented reality and virtual reality. Investing in Wi-Fi 6E now will ensure that your network is prepared to handle the demands of current and future applications while providing a seamless user experience.

Automate and Unify Security Enforcement

Manual security processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. By adopting a unified approach to security across wired and wireless networks, you can streamline your efforts and bolster your network’s defenses. This is crucial as network and security tasks become more intertwined and the demand for skilled security professionals continues to rise.

Streamline Access Point (AP) Surveys with Automation

Traditional manual AP surveys can be time-consuming and error-prone, taking up to 10 minutes per AP to survey and map. By automating this process, your networking team can quickly and accurately map APs for a variety of applications, from wayfinding and asset tracking to precise proximity triggers.

Transform APs into IoT Gateways

With 96% of corporate networks hosting or planning to host IoT devices and sensors, it’s essential to simplify the onboarding and management of these devices. Utilize APs’ ability to support a wide range of devices through technologies like Bluetooth (BLE), 802.15.4/Zigbee, or USB ports, to securely onboard IoT devices and streamline network management.

In conclusion, optimizing your Wi-Fi network in today’s uncertain economic climate is crucial for driving operational efficiencies and staying ahead of the competition. By implementing these six strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to maximize your Wi-Fi network’s performance and future-proof your investments.

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