6 Benefits of Using Cloud-Managed Wireless Access Points for Your Business

Wireless Access Points for Your Business.

Wireless access points have been used for corporate operations for quite a while now. With growing penetration of the internet, even small-scale businesses are looking to install wireless access point indoors to ensure seamless connectivity for their business operations.

Traditional wireless access points were designed to work like routers that create a wireless local area network within a particular area. In contrast, the next-generation Wireless Access Points are much better and can offer a host of other benefits apart from seamless connectivity.

With innovation in networking and cloud technologies, the enterprise domain is introduced to a new way of creating dependable wireless networks. Cloud-managed access point power new-age networks.

Cloud-managed Access Points: A Blessing for Small Businesses

A cloud-managed access point or networking solution allows business owners to manage WiFi and network infrastructure over the cloud. This means businesses can connect to the cloud by subscribing to a pay-as-you-go, on-demand model. While the biggest benefit of cloud-based wireless access points for business is high-end connectivity, it also brings down the cost of managing the network infrastructure and a hiring dedicated team for network management.

Earlier, it became hard for small and medium businesses to manage their networking requirements and wireless networks. With a cloud-based wireless access point installed in the office, business owners can take advantage of industry-leading technology at a fraction of a cost. Here are some of the benefits of installing a cloud-managed access point:

Simplified Network Management

Cloud-managed wireless and networking solutions offer a single point of management for installation, configuration, network management and diagnosis. With a central interface and one-click self-servicing, cloud networking solutions simplifies the task of handling the dynamic networking needs of the business.

Also, in case of any issue, it is easier to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue quickly with minimal help and support. Most of the issues can be resolved by a central wireless access point management dashboard. Not only this gives a business greater control over its networks but brings down network management cost.

Cost Efficiency

Cloud-managed access point work on a subscription-based, on-demand model. This gives businesses greater control over expenses and reduces capital expenditure. With a cloud-based solution, businesses are not required to invest in purchasing hardware and deploying on-premise solutions.

Also, the business needn’t spend on maintenance of on-premise solutions. This means small and medium businesses can save more money in the short and long-run without compromising with network connectivity.

On-demand Scalability

It is so much easier to increase your networking capabilities when you have cloud-managed access points installed in your office. One of the biggest benefits of cloud architecture is the scalability it offers its users. Entrepreneurs can grow their networks as their business grows without capital expenditure on additional hardware. Most of the cloud-managed wireless access points are easy-to-configure, meaning the business can grow their networks as per their requirements on-the-go.

Enhanced Security

Cloud-based wireless access points are equipped with sophisticated security frameworks to ensure minimal business vulnerability. Instead of spending additionally on creating a security framework for a business network, a company can just use cloud-managed solution for its security advantages and benefits.

Such wireless access points are automatically updated with the latest firmware and security patches, making your business more secure than the ones using on-premise solutions and conventional wireless access points.

Deeper Analytics & Reporting

Cloud solutions are equipped with far greater capabilities than a standard wireless access point. With the help of a cloud solution, any business can monitor its network round-the-clock, get real-time updates on security incidents, gather analytics about network usage and access insightful reports that can assist in decision making.

Easy Backup and Real-Time Alerts

Cloud-managed wireless access points store network configuration on the cloud. Also, network monitoring and alerts capabilities are also managed via the cloud. This eliminates the need for spending time, energy and money in building Simple Network Management Protocol Monitoring Services. With a cloud-managed wireless access point, you are automatically notified in case of downtime.

A cloud managed wireless access point can enrich your existing business operations by giving your employees the power to gather useful insights. At the same time, the management can also use analytics and reporting to make the most of your internet connectivity.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, cloud access points offer any business more benefits and advantages than any traditional wireless access points for business. If utilized correctly, cloud technology can help businesses keep up the pace with changing business ecosystem and rapidly scale, without massive investments. All you need is a professional cloud-managed access point provider such as Ray. Add on-demand scalability, efficiency and seamless connectivity to your office network with Ray’s cloud-managed wireless access points.

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