Enterprise Networking Powered by SD-WAN, Supercharged by Innovation

Let’s Talk About Features

Ray ONE providing exceptional takeaways

The Ray ONE developed at and for enterprise-levels introduces you to features that they excel in, simplifying tasks for you and your customers.


Your in-house IT manager 24*7. Gain a stellar Wi-Fi user experience, minimizing IT support costs.

SoT – Security of Things

Identify, monitor, visualize and protect your enterprise network, securing connected devices.


Controlling cyber-threats with Proactive Network Audit, Regulatory Compliances, and more.

Guest Wi-Fi

We treat your customers as ours and our Captive Portals are enterprise-friendly just for them!


Stay connected seamlessly wherever you are – work, home, public place, or a parking basement.


Enhance marketing activities with the complete knowledge of your user’s network journey.

Enterprise Policies & Traffic Shaping

We understand what you and your end client want, keeping all satisfied.

Ray App Store

Increasing Lifetime Value with a favouring ecosystem for your customers and their needs.

Intelligent RRM

Go digital, embracing offices of the modern day with today’s practices and demands.

our products

Ray Cloud-managed Wireless Access Points

A sign of innovation in the networking world, Ray brings to you Wireless Access Points focused on creating intelligent networks backed by AI. The Ray Application Store along with the access points is a plus showcasing its extensibility.


High-level Cloud-managed, Outdoor
802.11ax Access Points


Ultra-high Performance Cloud-managed Indoor
802.11ax Access Points


High-level Cloud-managed, Outdoor
802.11ax Access Points


Cloud-Managed, In-wall
Indoor 802.11ax Access Points


Cloud-managed, High Performance
Indoor 802.11ax Access Points


Ray Edge Gateway Gateway for Enterprises

Ray Edge Gateway is a comprehensive suite of products that offer secure and efficient connectivity between devices and cloud services. Tailored for IoT, edge computing, and cloud computing applications, it provides remote management, real-time data processing, and robust security features such as a firewall and integrated captive portal. With all of these features integrated into a single pane of glass, businesses can easily and securely connect their devices to the cloud and improve their operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance the customer experience. Ray Edge Gateway is a powerful solution that helps businesses improve their network performance while ensuring the highest levels of security and reliability.

our Switch products

Switch On the Enterprise Network of Tomorrow

Ray switches bring wired and wireless together to drive digital transformation, dramatically simplify operations and continuously optimize to support business goals. When combined with Ray’s wireless access and Edge & SD-WAN solutions, also driven by Ray ONE, you get end-to-end visibility, automation, insights, and actions for the best end-user experiences from client to cloud.

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